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Water Pipeline Repairs Should Complete 31 August

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Ship Laying Undersea Water Pipeline (File Photo)

Repairs to the undersea pipeline bringing water to North Cyprus from Mersin should be completed by 31 August.

It has also been reported that there will be sufficient water supply from the Geçitköy reservoir to last until the end of September.

A statement by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources said that work is continuing in preparation for replacing undersea piping damaged on 8 January, 2020. 

In January, rough seas caused pipes to detach from their moorings on the sea bed at a depth of around 250 metres and 8 km offshore Mersin.

Equipment and the ship used to lay pipe will be at Taşucu Port on July 21, the statement said.

It added that providing all piping and equipment is ready and there is no delay due to unfavourable sea conditions, the pipeline should be repaired by the target date of 31 August.

The 80 kilometre pipeline conveying fresh water from the Alaköprü reservoir in Anamur, Mersin to the Gecitkoy reservoir in North Cyprus was completed in 2015. Water supplies of around 75 million cubic metres will be sent to North Cyprus for the next fifty years.


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