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UN Security Council Failed to Promote Cooperation

North Cyprus News - UNFICYP

The Deputy Prime Ministry Foreign Ministry in a statement announced that the United Nations Secretary General’s periodic report of 10 July, regarding the operations of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus, was approved and the mandate of the UNFICYP has been extended for another six months by the UN Security Council.

Stating that the reason why tensions have increased on the island and in the region was a result of the maximalist approach of the Greek Cypriot side which ignores the sharing of hydrocarbon resources on the island, it noted that it was a great disappointment that the UN Security Council failed to call for cooperation, diplomacy and dialogue for the defusing of the tensions in the region.

It is not understandable why the UN Chief referring to cooperation between the two sides on the issues of economy, trade, tourism and policing etc. in his recent reports was not given room in the UN Security Council decisions”, the statement said.

It is a great paradox that the UN Security Council on the one hand proposes the establishment of a military cooperation mechanism which does not comply with the realities and needs on the island and on the other does not envisage  cooperation between the two sides on the issues of economy, tourism, trade and hydrocarbon resources which will enable the two peoples and authorities to work with each other in a real sense”, the statement added.

North Cyprus News - Greek Cypriot PillboxesStressing that the 187 pillboxes built by the Greek Cypriot administration during the pandemic within the framework of its growing hostile moves in the buffer zone, were not part of the UN Security Council’s decision, the statement criticised the Security Council for concealing this reality from the international community.

As long as the Security Council continues to take such decisions, the Greek Cypriot administration will continue to violate the status quo, to take hostile steps and will continue with its further armament which will no doubt further increase the tension on the island and in the region. It is the Security Council’s duty and responsibility to condemn the Greek Cypriot side’s provocative and hostile steps in its decisions as its mission is to serve for peace, stability and security in the world. Our Minister told the UN that we will take reciprocal steps if the positions and military concentrations which violate the status quo are not removed. This determination was also shared with our people”, the statement said.

The Deputy Prime Ministry/Foreign Ministry statement also criticised the Security Council for not mentioning South Cyprus’ travel restrictions from the South to the TRNC which violates the freedom of travel and aims to weaken the Turkish Cypriot economy and tourism in its decision.

The principle of the UN to separately receive the consent of the sides which enrols the UN’s sine qua non principles in all of its peacekeeping operations, which takes part in the instructions of these operations and which was ordered by the Security Council through a decision to follow these rules is being somehow ignored by the UN itself in Cyprus”, the statement noted.

And yet, it is unacceptable that the Turkish Cypriot side’s call for obtaining its consent is left unanswered. It is inevitable for us to review our approach if the UN which can operate in our country as a result of the good will and tolerance of the TRNC continues to insist in its attitude”, the statement concluded.


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