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UFO Sighted Near Guzelyurt Bay

UFO Sighted Near Guzelyurt Bay

January 08
20:12 2018

There was excitement after a UFO was sighted at Gaziveren, in Guzelyurt on Thursday. An object similar to a UFO was seen clearly in the sky near the Aphrodite Beach resort, astonishing those who saw it.

It was said that the object seen in the sky was a light blue colour. People who saw the object in the sky described it as a UFO.

Unidentified Flying Object – UFO, is the name ascribed to a mysterious object claimed to be created by extraterrestrial life. Without a scientific explanation, it is one of the most discussed subjects in the scientific world. In Turkish, the concept of a flying saucer is also frequently used within the term UFO.

This is not the first UFO sighting reported in North Cyprus.