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UBP Old Guard Speak Out

Former UBP Party ministers and members of parliament spoke out against the current crisis splitting the party.

Messrs.  Atun, Erbilen, Cosar and Yavuz are the elders of the UBP and have between them held all the senior posts in the party including the title of Prime Minister. They came together yesterday at a press conference, to express their dissatisfaction with the current state of the UBP and the TRNC.

They said that there was a vacuum of authority at the top and that just as the problems of the TRNC were increasing, the government was not offering any solutions or making decisions. Mr Altun who was Prime Minister for many years, said that President Dervis Eroglu was never heard these days, unless he was complaining about his party and the current Prime Minister Irsen Kucuk.

He also felt that Mr Kucuk should go for re-election as UBP leader, or resign, adding that the current government was a farce and that as soon as the budgets for next year were approved, an early election should be called.

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