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Two New Covid-19 Cases – One Flees North Cyprus

North Cyprus News - Health Minister - Dr. Ali Pilli
Health Minister – Dr. Ali Pilli

Two new cases of Covd-19 were found in the last 24 hours after 1,391 tests for the virus were made, Minister of Health Ali Pilli said.

The health minister stated that both passengers who had tested positive had arrived by air. However, while one individual was waiting for the results of a second test, he left the hotel.

Şevket Yıldız, who came for a holiday stay at the Arkin Colony Hotel in Kyrenia, fled the island by ferry after he tested positive for Covid-19.

Minister Pilli said that the person who absconded had not complied with the commitment he had signed, violating the law and committing a crime. The incident was discussed with officials of the Republic of Turkey and they have applied for the necessary sanctions to be imposed.  

Stating that a commitment will be signed with all hotels as of tomorrow, Minister Pilli said that the hotels will be responsible for people who have to be isolated on their premises until their test results are known. Penalties will be imposed on hotel operators if guests awaiting test results leave without permission or who do not comply with the rules, he said.

Pilli stated that the other positive case arrived in North Cyprus by air seven days ago, the visitor’s PCR test was negative, but later one, that same person had applied to the Fever and Cough Outpatient Clinic with more specific complaints, and following a positive PCR began to receive treatment. 

Stating that those who had been in contact with the positive case were being followed up. Minister Pilli urged people to continue to take the necessary health and safety precautions required to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

BRT, Yeniduzen

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