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Two Cypriot Friends Continue Trek Across Cyprus

Turkish Cypriot Yalcin Adal and Greek Cypriot Stavros Protz who are walking for peace and the reunification of Cyprus are on the 5th day of their east to west trek across the centre of the island.

The two Cypriots who are good friends and live in Melbourne, Australia, began their walk from Zafer Burnu [Cape Apostolos Andreas] Karpaz on a 16 day hike across the centre of the island.

The two men aim to complete their 400km walk on April 5, arriving at Aphrodite’s Rock in Paphos, Southern Cyprus.

You can join Yalcin and Stavros as they walk into Nicosia on March 29 at 5pm, at the Ledra/Lokmaci street crossing point, to welcome them. This marks the half way point of their journey across Cyprus. There will be live music and performances at the event.


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