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Turkish power ship supplies electricity to Lebanon

The TRNC has been struggling for years with electricity supply issues. It has one of the most expensive electricity supplies in the world, inefficient management, supply problems and many debtors.

Turkey on the other hand, is exporting electricity. It has for some time, identified developing countries whose electricity demands are increasing as they industrialise. Turkey is now meeting this increased demand by using the innovative approach of power ships. These provide a fast, reliable and affordable electricity supply by connecting to the client’s high voltage transmission system.

The latest addition to the power boat fleet of six is the Fatmagul Sultan. It will be sailing to the Lebanon where it is under a three year contract to provide 205 megawatts of electricity per day.

By comparison, the TRNC electricity supply needs range between 140 megawatts to 290 megawatts per day.

One such power boat could cover virtually all of the TRNC’s electricity requirements.

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