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Turkish Cypriots want guarantees more than Turkey: Siber

Turkish Cypriots want guarantees more than Turkey: Siber

June 20
11:24 2017

Speaker of the assembly Sibel Siber has said that the Turkish Cypriots want the continuation of guarantees in a reunified Cyprus even more than Turkey.

Siber, who was speaking on a television, pointed out that “it is obvious that [Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades] took a step back regarding the negotiations, with statements that are against the spirit of the talks and he has been criticised for this by international observers”. She also said that Anastasiades’ aim is to redirect international pressure and blame, in event of no solution, onto Turkey.

Siber went on to say that the opinion that the Treaty of Guarantee is against the EU acquis communautaire is wrong and serves a particular purpose. She added that the Greek Cypriot administration had become an EU member whilst still under with the Treaty of Guarantee.