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Turkish Cypriots Selling land in South Cyprus

Turkish Cypriots Selling land in South Cyprus

January 29
17:23 2013

There have been 23 separate applications recently made by Turkish Cypriots to sell their land in the South.

The applications have gone through to the Greek Cypriot Ministry for the Interior, as required, and the total amount of land value exceeds Euros 1 million.

According to the Greek newspaper ‘ Politis’, these claims had initially been put to the European Court of Human Rights but had been turned down until they firstly went through local processes for approval. If agreement could be reached then the claims would go back to the ECHR.

Apparently the claims are being represented by Turkish Cypriot lawyer, Murat Hakki who is looking for Euros 40 million for the properties and Euros 60 million as compensation for loss of use.

A precedent may have been set when a Greek Cypriot land owner sold his land in the TRNC to a Turkish Cypriot hotel owner.