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Turkish Cypriot Medical care in the South

Turkish Cypriot Medical care in the South

October 11
08:29 2012

The cost of free medical care for Turkish Cypriots crossing to the South is estimated at 44 million euros since the border was opened in 2003. These numbers were disclosed by the South Cypriot Health Minister Stavros Malas in response to a question raised in Parliament.

Annual figures show that these costs were 5.6 million euros last year (2011). However it should be noted that the Health Ministry claim that they do not have reliable data related to Turkish Cypriots and that this is their estimate.

One point that is sure to raise interest in the south is that Turkish Cypriots are exempted from any income assessment requirements, because of previous legislation passed in the South. There now appears to be an appetite to review these arrangements, particularly given the poor and deteriorating economic conditions in the South.