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Turkish Cypriot journalist to be candidate for EU elections

Sener Levent, journalist/owner of Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Afrika’ has said that he intends to be a candidate in the EU parliamentary election in May. This is the first time a Turkish Cypriot has stood for election as an MEP since the South became an EU member in 2004.

Levent writes that he disagrees with and is surprised by the attitude of some Turkish Cypriots who claim to be the “biggest supporters of peace and [a] solution”. He accused detractors of the idea of EU votes for Turkish Cypriots of chauvinism. Referring to his decision to test the electoral waters he said:

Yes, I am a candidate. And I believe that these elections are a great opportunity for cooperation and solidarity between the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots… I am a candidate because I want to see here how much we have managed to overcome the wall of nationalism here… We will be saved on this island only when a Turk defends the rights of the Greeks and a Greek defends the rights of the Turks,” he concluded.

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