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Turkey disregards will of Turkish Cypriots: KTOS

KTOS, the TRNC Teachers trade union produced a press statement yesterday.

In a broadside against Turkey, the secretary of the union, Burak Mavis said that Turkey was content to continue ignoring the TRNC and hoped to keep it in a diplomatic “deep freeze”.

Mr Mavis said that the latest example of ignoring the TRNC was the direct flight from Turkey to Larnaca airport for the for the Turkish football team,Trabazanspor.

He went on to say that Ankara does not recognise the political will of the Turkish Cypriots, their culture of independence and free living.

Mr Mavis said that the TRNC should concentrate on negotiations with the Greek Cypriots and added that the TRNC should be looking to be independent from Turkey.

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