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TRNC Foreign Minister meets Davutoglu

TRNC Foreign Affairs Minister, Osdil Nami met with his Turkish counterpart Mehmet Davutoglu.

Mr Nami tweeted: “Had a very productive meeting with TR MFA Davutoglu today. We are united in our efforts to bring comprehensive settlement to the Cyprus issue.”

Talks between Greek and Turkish Cypriots regarding the island’s future are due to resume in October.

The meeting took place only 24-hours after the Turkish foreign minister rejected a proposal from the Greek Cypriot government regarding the closed off town of Maras/Varosha, which was handed to him by the U.N. special envoy to Cyprus Alexander Downer.

Davutoglu said Maras was not on the agenda of the Turkish side, and it could only be a part of the ultimate solution of the Cyprus problem.

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