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TRNC constitution needs changes to meet EU standards

When Ozkan Yorgancioglu (CTP) and Serdar Denktash (DP), the coalition government party leaders met, one of the first items on their agenda was how to haul the TRNC up to EU standards.

In the short time they have been in power, they have decided that this will necessitate a complete overhaul of the constitution.

Today, Justice Minister Turhan Erhurman disclosed that a 100 page document of changes was ready to go to Parliament.

He pointed out that there had been no changes to the constitution since 1985 and that the proposed changes would increase democracy within the TRNC.

One of the major proposals is to remove the police from army control. In future the police would report directly the Prime Minister.

Another change would restrict the right of Members of Parliament to move freely between parties whilst serving. In future they would have to resign from their party and serve the remainder of their term as an independent.

In addition, it is proposed that the law granting Members of Parliament immunity will be completely abolished.

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