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Teknecik power station must have filters fitted now

BKP party General Secretary Abdullah Korkmazhan has called on the KIB-TEK management to fit a filter on the power plant’s chimney without further delay.

In a written statement, the MP said that despite promises by the authorities that a filter system would be fitted, Korkmazhan it is unacceptable that poisonous gases are still be emitted from their chimney and the people of Catalkoy and Arapkoy are being directly affected.

He said that irrespective of the fact that fuel containing 1% of sulphur is being used, the problem has not been solved. The air is still polluted and cancer cases will continue to increase.

Regarding the recent statements by Prime Minister Kalyoncu that electricity prices have not increased at a time when petrol and dollar rates are high, Korkmazhan commented that the PM was playing with words; global petrol prices would drop further now that western countries have solved their problems with Iran.

Kibris Postasi

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