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Could Sibel Siber become president in 2015?

Popular Speaker of the House, Sibel Siber’s name has come up as a possible presidential candidate for the 2015 elections.

In an article entitled “Will Siber be the first woman president”, Turkish daily ‘Milliyet’ reported that a “high ranking official” noted that Mrs Siber has been accepted by a great many in the Turkish Cypriot community. He adds that if she should put her name forward as a candidate for the presidential elections in 2015, she could possibly become the first woman Turkish Cypriot TRNC president.

Mrs Siber, recently visited Ankara as guest of Turkey’s Assembly Speaker Cemil Cicek, and also met with Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul and Turkey’s PM Erdogan.

She also got the majority of votes among the candidates at the early elections in July, gaining 46 out of 50 votes at the assembly.

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