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Settlement will rid Cyprus of external influences

Settlement will rid Cyprus of external influences

May 11
11:30 2015

A federal solution has to safeguard an independent and viable Cyprus, where decision making will not be influenced by external factors, Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavroyiannis has said.

He said that the aim of the Greek Cypriot side was to prevent permanent derogations from the acquis communautaire, the body of EU legislation.

A political settlement in Cyprus should underline Cyprus’ role as an independent and autonomous player in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Mavroyiannis, who is expecting the negotiations to resume by the end of the month, said that a federal solution would ensure that Cyprus’s decision making process would not be influenced by external factors.

The settlement should not cause problems for the citizens of a modern, European country, Mavroyiannis stressed.

He claimed that that Turkish President Erdoğan, ‘wants to incorporate the Turkish Cypriot side into mainland Turkey’. “We need to fight this approach” and offer the Turkish Cypriots the prospect of EU membership, he added.

Mavroyiannis observed that the majority of Turkish Cypriots want to be rid of Turkish settlers; he added that in certain cases, some will be allowed to stay for humanitarian reasons, but before any such discussion takes place, Turkey should firstly prepare to repatriate the settlers.


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