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Searing heat causes power outs in North

Searing heat causes power outs in North

August 03
18:18 2015

Searing temperatures have led to the consumption of 290MW of electricity today reaching an all-time high.

However, record demands have led to the failure of units at both Kalecik and Teknecik power stations, leaving the country short on power this afternoon.

TAK reports that according to officials from KIB-TEK authorities, the diesel plant at Teknecik failed which meant the steam units had to be used.  One of the 60MW units of Kalecik also failed.

Officials have said that of the 290MW needed today, they were only able to supply 75MWs. They were trying to work out why the fault had occurred.

Meanwhile, in the South, Nicosia Municipality announced its cooling-down facility at the capital’s multi-purpose centre would be open between 7.30am and 6pm.

The centre, which is located in the old municipality’s nursing home in 40 Nikiforos Fokas street near Famagusta gate, will offer cool refreshments in its air-conditioned rooms for the next couple of days, the announcement said.

Kibris Postasi and Cyprus Mail