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Scrap Fuel Price Hikes – Union Demands

The Turkish Cypriot Public Servants Union (Kamu-Sen) has called for the reversal of hikes in electricity and fuel prices.

Kamu-Sen Chairman Metin Atan stated that price increases in fuel and electricity prices are due to the depreciation of the Turkish lira and certain sectors which are at the point of collapse, borrowing in foreign currencies.

We demand that these hikes be withdrawn immediately,” said Atan.

New fuel prices per litre:

95-octane petrol up from 4.19TL to 4.30TL

98-octane petrol from 4.37TL to 4.48TL.

Euro Diesel from 4.02TL to 4.13TL

Paraffin from 3.78TL to 3.91TL.

Kibris Postasi

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