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Sales of drilling rights in the south are illegal: Yildiz says

Turkey Energy Minister Taner Yildiz, yesterday reacting  to the oil and gas agreements recently signed by South Cyprus, said that the recent agreements signed with Italian and French companies were contrary to international law. He said that if there were any oil and gas revenues forthcoming these belonged to the island as a whole.

In response to a question, Mr Yildiz said that Turkey did have an issue with ENI the Italian petrochemical company and this would affect the projects that ENI had in Turkey. He said that he had already been in touch with the head of ENI about this problem.


Turkey, argues that Cyprus is entitled to only 12 nautical miles of territorial waters rather than the usual maximum 200 nautical miles allowed by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. From Ankara’s point of view, the recently ┬ádiscovered Block 12 field, lying south of Cyprus, is actually in Turkish waters.

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