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Redundant CAS Workers Continue Protest at Ercan

North Cyprus News - CAS demo - ErcanRedundant Cyprus Airport Services (CAS) worker are now protesting in front of the entrance to Ercan Airport’s terminal building.

The workers marched to the airport and police have taken extensive security measures due to their action. However, some scuffles between protestors and police broke out.

Employees who are calling on the government to resign, are demanding that “the legal status of CAS should belong to the state as a matter of course, the payment of 2 months’ salary and for the government to keeps its promises”.

We will continue our struggle, we will continue to take key actions”, the workers have said.

The Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office has ruled that CAS is a private company and Deputy Prime Minister Kudret Ozersay has said they will pay the last two months’ salary, however, their obligations end there.

Kibris Postasi

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