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Prime Minister threatens early election

The debate on the Prime Minister’s 2013 budget has been deferred until Monday. UBP member of parliament, Ahmet Kasif and his supporters did not attend parliament  to take part in the debate, causing the session to be cancelled.

Visibly angered by these defections, the Prime Minister, Irsen Kucuk rose to the podium and threatened an early election. He then wasted no time in holding a series of meetings this morning with members of parliament and his ministers. It appears that the consensus was to go for a March election.

Ahmet Kasif, however, said that the call for an early election was not sound and that it would harm the UBP. He further suggested that since he had been stripped of his powers as head of the UBP, Mr Kucuk did not have the authority to call an early election anyway.

Mr Yorgancioglu, head of the main opposition party CTP, said that he felt that Mr Kucuk had gone into meltdown with the shame of not being able to gather the minimum amount of parliamentarians required to hold the debate.

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