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Post Officer Worker Stole Thousands of Valuable Items

A postal worker who was arrested and charged for the theft of thousands of parcels and letters between 2017-18, has been sent for trial in Nicosia.

Complaints by a man who had ordered radar equipment for fishing worth $479 and never received it, led to a police investigation. The investigation unearthed a massive trade in the theft and selling on of electronic goods mailed to the TRNC.

Post Office worker Önder Ilgın, was arrested on the grounds that he had stolen and sold miscellaneous electronic goods which had been posted from abroad. Police found 13 post bags filled with stolen items at his home.

The police have launched an investigation into the complaints by dozens of people, who have lost the items they posted to the TRNC.

Meanwhile, the rightful recipients of around 6,000 stolen items such as electronic goods, jewellery, wristwatches and letters will have to wait because the goods are now being held by the police as evidence.

Kibris Kercek

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