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Police Report Gloomy Toll of Road Accidents

North Cyprus News - Traffic accidentLast week there were 86 traffic accidents, one of which was fatal, according to the statement made by the Police Press Office.

The statement said that out of 86 road traffic accidents which occurred between October 15 -21, one was fatal.

During that period, 25 accidents occurred while driving a car, 19 because of failing to stop at an intersection, 17, accidents from driving too close to the car in front and 15 due to careless driving.

The total of cost of damages arising from the accidents amounted to 552,950 TL. The highest number of  accidents happened in Nicosia at 33, there were 19 in Famagusta, 23 in Kyrenia, 5 in Güzelyurt and 6 in İskele.

Kibris News Agency

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