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Police officer in traffic fine embezzlement

Mr Onder, a police officer in the Kyrenia Traffic Department, is being investigated for embezzlement. It
is purported that he stole nearly 1 million TL from collected speeding fines.

It is claimed that while working in the Kyrenia Traffic Fine Collection unit in the year to September
2012 Mr Onder diverted the fines collected to himself rather than transferring the funds to the Department of Revenue and Tax. He has reportedly confessed to the crime.

The public prosecutor’s office have requested that he be detained for a further seven days as their
investigations continue, with a number of other people also being questioned. The accused did not
object and the judge has ordered he be held pending further investigations.

If proven true, this revelation will likely be damaging to the TRNC police who have been accused of using speeding tickets as a way of increasing income for the department rather than as a deterrent to improve safety on the roads. We will update the story as new information becomes available.

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