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PM Says He Has Nothing To Hide

PM Says He Has Nothing To Hide

January 18
21:44 2018

Prime Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun has said that he has been falsely accused regarding the source of his income which was legitimate.

The prime minister’s income has been the focus of intense speculation prior to the 7 January general elections. Opposition parties, wondering how he could have accumulated so much money on a prime minister’s salary, challenged the PM to reveal the source of his wealth. However, until now, he has remained silent on the issue.

Ozgurgun, who withdrew around $700,000 from his bank account, said that it had been partly made up of loans to him by friends and family and the proceeds of the sale of a house. This was in order to pay a divorce settlement to his former wife Dilek Ozgurgun (on left). He said that he had been falsely accused and challenged anyone to prove otherwise.

Finally, Ozgurgun said that he could account for the money and asserted that the results of the elections only went to prove that his detractors’ accusations were shallow and defamatory.

Speculation about his income began after his former wife’s lawyer gave the details of his bank account to the court while seeking a divorce settlement, became public.

Ozgurgun is now married to model and actress Inci Pars (pictured left).