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Petition to UK Government Regarding Direct Flights

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A petition to the UK government demanding direct flights to North Cyprus has acquired 6,647 signatures to date. In order to get a response from the British governent, a minimun of 10,000 signatures are required.

There needs to be 100,000 signatures for the petition to be considered for parliamentary debate.

The text of the petition is as follows:

Our Government needs to support direct flights to Northern Cyprus. The UK has around 300,000 residents of Turkish Cypriot heritage. Direct flights should create more free flow travel and ease access for the disabled and vulnerable. In return offer British citizens their free choice of travel.

The Government should listen to its citizens’ concerns. A direct flight to Northern Cyprus has never been operational. Direct accessibility to Northern Cyprus should be granted. EU’s embargo 1994 should now be lifted. If we have completed Brexit, we would like to see the UK authorise a direct flight from the UK to Northern Cyprus without the EU’s interference. Direct flights should boost tourism as this direct flight has never been in effect.

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