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Petition Against GC Ban on Foreigners Crossing Border

North Cyprus News - Larnaca Airport
Larnaca Airport

Following North Cyprus’ decision to gradually reopen the country to visitors on 1 July, the Greek Cypriots are refusing to let foreigners cross from south to north.

This decision violates the Green Line Regulation as it was made without consulting the UN, which is responsible for implementing the trade part of the Green Line Regulation.

Following which a petition launched by Niall Ackroyd calls on the Greek Cypriot side to drop the ban.

Further damage to local trade line continues because the Greek Cypriot authorities refuse to open up the popular Ledra Street border crossing in Nicosia which was closed in March because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Turkish Cypriots believe that the ban by the Greek Cypriots is an attempt to damage the TRNC economy and has brought wide-spread condemnation from the North.

Following the ban, leaders of all political parties in the TRNC Assembly signed a joint declaration condemning the unilateral ban, calling on the EU “to immediately take the initiative to restore the situation to how it was before the pandemic.”

President Mustafa Akinci has also raised the issue during his meeting with UN Special Envoy to Cyprus, Elizabeth Spehar, saying that the ban was “a violation of the Green Line Regulation.

Currently only Cypriots and foreign nationals married to a Cypriot may cross the border from the south.

To sign the petition click here.

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