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Ozersay voters will back Eroglu: Tatar

Ozersay voters will back Eroglu: Tatar

April 22
15:32 2015

Ersin Tatar, a member of the UBP has said that voters had begun to chose their corners for round two of the Presidential election. The second round involves a run off between Independent candidates Dervis Eroglu and Mustafa Akinci.

Speaking on local TV, Tatar said that people should not exaggerate the number of votes Akinci would get in the second round.

He claimed that the majority of people who voted for Kudret Ozersay last Sunday would vote for Eroglu. [Ozersay, however, has made no pledge to support either of the two final candidates.] Tatar added that around 50,000 people who did not vote in the first round would vote in round two.

Regarding statements made by the Greek Cypriots on the results so far, Tatar said that they like Akinci and that people should wonder why this should be.

Kibris Postasi