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Nicosia council workers’ strike rumbles on

Striking council workers are not being paid by Nicosia Council, but now there is an issue as to whether their union (BES) is obliged to pay them.

It has emerged over the last few days that the BES coffers are full with some TL 1.5 million. Against this backdrop there have been demands that the union pays its striking workers.

BES union head Savas Bozat, has said that the funds need to be analysed and that payments can only be made once the strike is over. He said that it was not right to bring this issue up while the strike is on-going and that payments would be made once it was determined what the amounts in lost wages were. However this is no comfort to union members who have been on strike for nearly two months and who point out they paid their monthly union fees of Tl 40.

The previous head of BES said that based on the 1000 union members’ contributions, the annual fees totalled TL1.5 million and that this figure had been collected and ┬áinvested while he was the union leader.

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