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New Year Driving Licence Price Hike

The cost of a TRNC driving licence went up as of 1 January, 2020. The increase of 10 per cent was the most notable price hike for motorists.

Following the adjustment, the fees changed as follows:

1 Year (age limit and exam passers): 240 TL                259.90 TL

2 Years:                                               350 TL               384.80 TL

3-year:                                                 470 TL               514,70 TL

5 years:                                                720 TL              789.50 TL

10 years:                                            1,195 TL             1,314 TL

Student Licence:                                  350 TL                 385 TL

Student Licence Theoretical Exam Fee went up from  350 TL to 385 TL

Motor Vehicle Driving Exam Fee up from 485 TL to 530 TL.

Kibris Postasi

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