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New Turkish PM visits TRNC

Turkish Prime Minister, Binali Yildirim has said that the basis of the negotiations in Cyprus is a bi-zonal state. In statements at Esenboga Airport before departing for his visit to the TRNC yesterday, Yildirim said:

“We have absolutely no problem in our relations with Cyprus. Our point of view for Cyprus is very clear. We are acting on the principle that whatever exists in Turkey, the same will exist in Cyprus from the viewpoint of prosperity and the future of our Cypriot brothers.

There is a problem in Cyprus that has continued for many years. A solution should be found to this problem. The story is long. I am not going to recount it. In Turkey we have always attached importance to the solution. We have taken every kind of constructive measure. Unfortunately no promise given in the past was kept. There are ongoing negotiations now. What is their basis? One bi-communal state. What is the question that should be asked when you establish a bi-communal state? Are the two communities represented equally? Turkey will support the negotiations until the end, but the following should also be known: The slightest ill treatment of our Cyprus brothers is an ill treatment of Turkey. This should be taken as notice. I wish for my visit to conduce to good things.”

Kibris Postasi

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