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New Case of Covid-19 Brought Into North Cyprus

North Cyprus News - PCR Testing
PCR Testing – File Photo

Another case of Covid-19 was discovered out of 703 tests made in the last 24 hours, Minister of Health Ali Pilli has said. The positive case was a passenger who arrived in North Cyprus by air.

Stating that there are currently no patients undergoing intensive care treatment, Pilli stated that 23 cases were detected in 23 days. The Ministry of Health has the necessary infrastructure and health teams to treat the emerging cases, he said. 

Pilli said that 5 of the 23 cases were discharged after completing their treatment, 9 of the 18 cases were kept in the quarantine service in the hospital, and the other 9 cases were under observation at a quarantine hotel.  They will be discharged if the test results are negative. 

Pointing out that the contact follow-ups of 23 cases detected since July 1 have been made, Pilli noted  that the contacts were followed up in quarantine hotels, all 23 cases arrived in North Cyprus from abroad, there were no contact positive cases in the country, and all screenings were carried out by the teams.

Pilli also emphasized that PCR tests were carried out on all those who applied to all Fever and Cough Polyclinics and other hospitals with complaints such as fever and cough, and there had been no positive cases. Additionally, there were no positive cases in the 14-day repeat tests performed on all TRNC citizens working in the South.

The health minister, once again, pointed to the importance of observing health rules, reminding that everyone should diligently follow the rules for mask use, social distancing and hygiene.


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