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Nami’s Ministry Promises Sweeping Changes

The KIB-TEK board of directors will be restructured and a new management team appointed to serve the public, the Ministry of Energy and Economy, headed by former Cyprus negotiator Ozdil Nami, has said.

North Cyprus News - Teknecik Power PlantFocus will be on tackling pollution and supplying filters for the Teknecik and Kalecik Power Plants, which have been in need of proper filtration systems for years.

The Telecoms Department will also be improved and will become a private-public partnership offering improved technology and services. A tender will launched inviting a third GSM company to operate in the TRNC. An attempt will also be made to lay a fibre optic cable between Turkey and the TRNC, leading the way for 4.5 and 5G communications, the ministry has stated.

The project to install a cable car from Kyrenia to St. Hilarion will, subject to compliance with EU environmental standards, be approved by the new Cabinet. The Cabinet will also recommend updates to environmental law.

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