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Mum And Kids Left Stranded at Border Crossing

North Cyprus News - Beyarmudu - Pergamos Border Check point
Beyarmudu/Pergamos Border Checkpoint

A mother and her four children were obliged to wait for hours at the Beyarmudu/Pergamos border crossing point in Famagusta because the results of their PCR tests made at Famagusta Hospital were not ready.

Hülya Barış Göktaş, who lives in Larnaca in south Cyprus and crossed to the north for a holiday, went north due to the high cost of PCR tests in the south. Mrs Göktaş, who crossed to the north with her four children early yesterday morning and was left waiting at the Beyarmudu Crossing point until the evening, complained. 

She said, “I spoke to Kudret Özersay over the phone before I went to the north, who said ‘come and take your tests, bring your identity cards’. Since the PCR test was 85 Euros per person in the south, [200 TL or 23.3 Euros in the north] I wanted to do it in the north. I went north early in the morning, we did our tests with my children in Famagusta Hospital, we waited for the day for the test results. We remained hostage in the north. We slept in the car for hours at the border, we woke up, neither the police nor the Sovereign Base Area allowed me to cross. I have residence both in the north and the south. My children are studying in the south. We waited for hours.


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