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Local Councils Anxious About Water Supplies

North Cyprus News - Turkish Water Pipeline
Turkish Water Pipeline

In January, the undersea pipeline from Mersin, Turkey to North Cyprus was damaged by strong currents. A number of pipe sections are being manufactured in order to replace those that were lost. There have been delays in repairing the pipeline because of putting out the work to tender and the outbreak of the coronavirus which has stopped production. However, Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Dursun Oguz, has promised that repairs will be made by the end of August.

Some local authorities have been able to use their local resources since the water supply from Turkey was cut off. However, some municipalities that do not have local resources or insufficient supplies state that they will face difficulties. 

Elsewhere, some mayors are saying that they have enough reserves from the heavy rains that fell last winter, to last until this winter. 

North Cyprus News - Geçitköy-Dam
Geçitköy Reservoir

Despite promises that the pipeline will be repaired by the end of August, worried council leaders are eyeing the ever decreasing water level of the Geçitköy reservoir. 

Some regions such as Mesarya, İskele, Nicosia, Değirmenlik are among the places where there is more concern about water shortages because there are no local resources or what they have is not enough.

Mayor of North Nicosia, Mehmet Harmancı, stated that they have received support from local resources in the Güzelyurt region and stated that they do not have any problems for now, but they are “worried about the future”.

Mayor Ali Öncü of İnönü, in the Famagusta region, said  they were concerned that there would be water shortages in the days ahead. 

Stating that they are in a very difficult situation, Mayor Ali Öncü pointed out that solutions should be produced for regions that do not have local resources, and that only those municipalities should use water from the Gecitkoy reservoir. 

Geçitkale Mayor Hasan Öztaş also noted that they were maintaining and repairing the wells for local use, but expressed concerns that these resources would not be enough to cover August. 

The cost of high cost repairs to the undersea pipeline has also been criticised. It was announced that it would cost 499 million TL to make repairs.

Head of the Union of Municipalities, Güzelyurt Mayor Mahmut Özçınar said : “We are trying to use the water efficiently until mid-September.

The Minister has made a statement on this issue. We were advised to go sparingly with local resources, and we are following it.

“We use water from our own wells and underground sources, and when we have trouble, we draw some water from Geçitköy reservoir.

“ Since there are no local resources or insufficient local resources, we use them sparingly. 

“Only Bostancı, Akçay, Zümrütköy, Güzelyurt, Kalkanlı and Yuvacık villages are benefiting.”


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