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Kucuk to resign

Leader of the UBP, Irsen Kucuk has endured a torrid few months recently. This has included two leadership challenges, the dissolution of his government and a poor showing in the elections of July 28th. He personally lost his seat in parliament but initially decided to hold on to power.

However he has now been persuaded that he ought to resign for the good of the party. His intention is to announce his resignation at the extraordinary conference that his party is organising.

A number of his ex-ministers have started to emerge as contenders for the party leadership.
Ersin Tatar, his finance minister has come out today in criticism of Mr Kucuk saying that it was his personal policies and misjudgments that lost the UBP so many votes.

Necdet Numan, the General Secretary of the UBP has also announced today that he will be resigning at the party conference.

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