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Industrial action to continue

Industrial action to continue

November 04
11:51 2012

The municipal workers union, BES, have today stated that they will defy the Governments ultimatum and not return to work today. They say that having their wages stopped if they go on strike is no threat, because they are not being paid anyway.

Instead they will be protesting outside the central police station and then the attorney general’s building. Later they will march to the Prime Ministers building, where they will be joined by other unions including the public servants union who are on sympathy strike as of today.

Nicosia Council has not yet  responded, however, as posted yesterday, the work team are reduced to 11 councillors all with the UBP, as the other 11 councillors have resigned en-masse.

Separately Nicosia residents are using Facebook to organise self -help groups who are clearing rubbish and spraying streets as volunteers. In addition Nicosia Council yesterday met with the muhtars(headmen) in Nicosia and has set up plans with them to clean the capital street by street ,starting today ,using local volunteers and some council labour.