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Help Save 4 year old Omur Mamuk

Little Omur is fighting cancer. He has been examined at Nicosia state hospital and when a major stomach mass was detected, he was sent to Ankara Hacateppe Hospital where he was diagnosed with a malignant tumour.

Samples of the tumour have been sent to the USA and his treatment will depend on the results of the pathology tests being carried out there. Omur’s mother Tuba Mamuk has been in Ankara for nearly a month now and says that she is running out of money. In addition, the doctors have told her that Omur’s treatment could take up to 18 months. She is therefore appealing for help.

Those wishing to help fund Omur’s care can donate to:

CreditWest: account number 22-310-633

Is Bank: account number 68200457800 in the name of Tuba Mamuk

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