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Greek Cypriot Claimants say IPC Ineffective

The Immovable Property Commission has been reported to the Council of Europe as being ineffective and also as having no jurisdiction in military zones.

Human rights lawyer Achilleas Demetriades representing Greek Cypriot owners of land in Famagusta and Kyrenia has sent letters ahead of the council’s ministerial committee meeting in June.

The Greek Cypriot claimants are demanding payment for compensation awarded by the European Court of Humans Rights (ECHR) for loss of use and also the return of their properties.

Cyprus News Agency (CNA) reports that Demetriades has argued that the ECHR had deemed that the IPC was ineffective and that certain areas in the north are under military control. In December last year, the ECHR ruled that proceedings at the IPC were “protracted and ineffective”.

Cyprus Mail.

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