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Government speaks out on its debts to Kib-Tek

Government speaks out on its debts to Kib-Tek

January 06
12:40 2013

The government, while condemning the actions of the electrical workers’ union, EL-SEN has until now, remained silent on its own unpaid electricity bills.

Yesterday, the Finance Minister, Ersin Tatar clarified the government’s position. He said that there had been changes to the law recently, which meant that government departments did not get favourable treatment over the non-payment of bills and that departments would be treated as ordinary citizens.

He also said that a new agreement had been signed between the government and Kib-Tek addressing the current debt situation. After taking into account some TL 240 million that Kib-Tek owed to the government and also wiping off overdue interest on this amount, the government owed a net amount of TL 59 million. This amount had been agreed between both parties and a payment plan had also been agreed.