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Fugitive Tracked Down in TRNC

In an exclusive report from Cyprus Today, the newspaper has detailed how a fugitive described as “most wanted” by UK organisation Crimestoppers has been found living in Catalkoy, TRNC.

Mr Timur Mehmet, 39, is wanted for his part in a £37.5 million money laundering operation that amounts to the largest case of tax fraud in history. When he failed to appear at his trial at Northampton Crown court, he was convicted and sentenced to eight years in prison in January 2008.

According to Crimestoppers “Timur Mehmet was wanted for his role in a conspiracy to cheat the public revenue by the operation of a Missing Trader Intra-Community (MTIC) fraud, also known as a ‘carousel fraud’. The fraud has resulted in a loss to the UK of £25 million.  Mehmet was arrested and appeared at Northampton Crown Court on 22nd June 2007 where he was warned that he had to attend Court for his trial on 1st October 2007. Mehmet failed to attend trial and subsequently left the UK on 23rd January 2008. He was found guilty in his absence and sentenced to 8 years imprisonment.”

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