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Flood Warning

The muhtar of Kanlikoy, Tahir Baydola, has sounded a warning about the nearby dam, saying that if it overflows it will cause a disaster in Ortakoy and Gocmenkoy areas.

Baydola said that because of the heavy rains, the dam had already overflowed twice in November. He did not want a repeat of 2010 when the whole area was flooded. He had warned the Water Board but they had advised him to open the dam sluice and let the rainwater drain away.

Baydola says that this suggestion will not help, because even if they opened the sluices for 30 days, the water level would only come down by 10cm – not enough to avert the flooding. He also said that this would be a waste of the water, estimating that the water in the dam could supply all the fields for three years. He has strongly suggested that another dam is built further upriver, but this has so far been rejected.

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