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First flamingos spotted on Larnaca Salt Lake

First flamingos spotted on Larnaca Salt Lake

October 23
14:16 2015

A keen photographer captured this image of the first flamingos, a mother and baby, to arrive at Larnaca salt lake.

The birds appeared on the same day as winter weather arrived on the island with a huge downpour of rain.

Unlike other birds, flamingos don’t have any migratory patterns and will generally roam high in the skies seeking favourable conditions to land. That would explain how flamingos would land at Larnaca’s salt lake within days of it collecting water.

Flamingo numbers have increased over the past years, with tens of thousands arriving usually between November and March.

The salt lake lies to the west of Larnaca, near the airport. It’s overlooked by another famous attraction, the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque.