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Fire decimates 2,000 donums of land

A fire that started on Sunday morning in the Kalkanli picnic area has destroyed 2,000 donums of land.

The coordinated work of the Civil Defence, fire brigade and forestry departments along with air support supplied by Turkey, managed to bring the fire under control by Sunday evening.

Initially, the Civil Defence and the Forest Department struggled to contain the fire which advanced to the Kormacit region and spread to the Kılıçarslan region. When firefighting helicopters arrived from Turkey, local citizens, those with water tankers and bulldozers joined in to bring the blaze under control.

Additionally a fire helicopter from a United Nations and two fire fighting helicopters from the British bases, followed by a fire fighting plane from Turkey, also participated in the fight to stop the fire spreading any further.

Their task became easier when it progressed from steep hills onto the plain. No official explantation has been given yet as to how the fire began.

Kibris Postasi

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