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Fewer and Pricier Flights to TRNC Airline Chief Warns

North Cyprus News - Murat Ersoy - Atlasglobal chiefChairman of Atlasglobal, Murat Ersoy has pointed out that the greatest cost in the domestic market is fuel oil. Increasing costs would cause great difficulties in the aviation sector in the winter months and could lead to a reduction of flights to the TRNC.

He also noted that the foreign exchange rate against the devalued Turkish lira also had a very negative effect on the sector, “because our income is in TL, and the cost of foreign exchange. Economy class tickets have a ceiling price of 358 TL. So we cannot do anything good. But the real problem is winter. Flights could be reduced.

Ersoy stated that flights, especially to North Cyprus are particularly expensive and that the TRNC government expects airline companies to provide the convenience of flights to the north.

Kibris Postasi

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