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Fears About Passenger Arrivals Infected with Covid-19

North Cyprus News - health team - Ercan
Inspecting PCR Test Certificate

There has been cause for concern in the community about the daily increase in numbers of Covid-19 cases being brought into the country.

Two people with a history of traveling to Turkey tested positive for the disease and were quarantined, as were the people they came in contact with on their return, Yeni Duzen writes.

One case concerns an employee working at Gonyeli town hall, who had traveled to Istanbul, and had tested positive, seven days after his return. The other case concerns a resident of Yedikonuk in the Karpaz region who went to Turkey for cancer treatment and on his return, had tested positive for Covid-19.

Kibris Gazetesi also writes that people in North Cyprus are becoming more worried about the increase in cases of Covid-19 being brought into the country.

North Cyprus news PM Ersin Tatar
Prime Minister Ersin Tatar

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar, addressing parliament, tried to offer reassurance, saying that while the pandemic continues, the country can not remain isolated.

 He pointed out that since July 1, 15,000 passengers had arrived in North Cyprus and the number of those infected was only 30 and only half of them required treatment.

Reiterating that it is not possible to quarantine everyone coming from Turkey, Tatar said that the epidemiological committee can only consider the health aspect, but the government is obliged to consider the economic dimension as well.

Yeniduzen, Kibris Gazetesi

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