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EU should help prepare TCs for reunification: Akıncı

EU should help prepare TCs for reunification: Akıncı

June 29
16:32 2015

President Mustafa Akıncı who leaves for Brussels, today has said that the EU had work on its hands to prepare the Turkish Cypriots before the island is reunified.

Akıncı, who will meet with EU Parliamentary President Martin Shultz and other high level officials, said that it is a matter of urgency to solve the Cyprus problem now.

The President hinted that during his meeting with the EU officials he would convey this message “EU should prepare Turkish Cypriots for a solution. EU has lots on its shoulders during this process”. He added that the “EU should contribute to the negotiation process. But the talks will continue to be carried out under the auspices of UN”.

Akıncı also added that the federal state that will be formed will be an EU member state and that as the equal partners of the federal state, the Turkish Cypriot community will take its place in the EU.

Therefore, the EU should have close ties with the Turkish Cypriot community and should do this before waiting for the solution process to be finalised. “They need to build stronger relations with the Turkish Cypriots in order to prepare us and our institutions for [the] EU” said Akıncı.

Milliyet, Kibris Postasi