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Eroglu wants deadline for peace talks

President Dervis Eroglu was in Alsancak over the weekend. He took the opportunity to outline the current situation of Cyprus negotiations.

Eroglu stated that he would not accept the continuation of open ended discussions and insisted that any future talks should have a set time limit. He said that over all this time, every aspect of the problem had been discussed already. Finally there ought to be a solution, but if there was not, then this should be acknowledged by the UN.

Eroglu visited various UBP party offices and walked through Alsancak village. Speaking to locals, he said that his proposals for a multi-sided conference had been rejected by South Cyprus who were relying on Russia to veto any progress. He specifically commented on a veto by Russia of a report by the UN Secretary general outlining the unfairness of an embargo on North Cyprus.

Greek Cypriot president, Christofias, has his own perspective on the current stalemate, claiming that Eroglu has continuously undermined the peace talks. He feels there has been no real progress since Talat, the previous President of North Cyprus.

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