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Domestic and Imported Produce to EU Standards

The Agriculture Department announced the test results of imported and domestic produce inspected between November 10-16.

The results obtained from the samples taken from imported and domestic products and analysed at the State Laboratory were evaluated according to EU pesticide residue limits.

As a result of the evaluation of 25 samples including apple varieties, melon, cherry tomatoes, pear varieties, sunflower cultivars, grape varieties, Lolo Rosso lettuce, soya bean sprouts and pepper varieties were free of residues.

Of the domestic produce, 14 out of 15 samples including parsley, tomato, lettuce, chard, pomegranate, rocket, pepper, lemon, mandarin, dill and cucumber have passed. Only some lettuce produced in Catalkoy was found to have above acceptable limits of pesticide residue and was not permitted onto the market.

Kibris Postasi

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